2018 – the year in review

From the business unit adhesives & chemicals

Turbulent, but still very successful – this is the best way to sum up the year 2018 for the adhesives & chemicals department at ViscoTec.

Personnel change at the top

A major change this year was the personnel change at the top of the department. Daniel Pössnicker has headed the adhesives & chemicals business unit since August 1, 2018. He has been part of the ViscoTec team since 2010 and therefore brings the necessary knowledge for this position. As business unit manager, he focuses on the implementation of strategic sales targets in the national and international market as well as in the rapidly growing aerospace and e-mobility industries.

Emerging Business Developments

These two industries, which are part of ViscoTec’s business development, achieved great success in 2018. The aerospace sector developed very well this year and landed many orders with great potential. The automotive industry, especially e-mobility, also recorded a strong increase in orders. There is particularly high demand for the application of 1- and 2-component thermal conductive pastes which ViscoTec masters excellently with its products.

Popular applications and products

The ViscoDuo-P4/4 for very small quantities had the largest market share in this area in 2018.

The ViscoDuo-P4/4 for very small quantities had the largest market share in this area in 2018.

The applications that were particularly in demand in 2018 come mainly from the 2-component sector. Accordingly, the 2-component dosing systems were the bestsellers this year. The ViscoDuo-VM for medium and the ViscoDuo-P4/4 for very small quantities had the largest market share here.

Other applications successfully implemented by ViscoTec in 2018 include the integration of dosing technology in trickle systems, stator potting in electric motor production and reliable material handling of 1K and 2K impregnating resins.

ViscoTec offers the customer – not only in the 2-component sector – two essential advantages: On the one hand, abrasive materials can be dosed extremely low shear and very precisely thanks to the endless piston principle. On the other hand, a specially developed ceramic rotor ensures even more precise and gentle processing of the materials. This means less material waste and longer service life.


Daniel Pössnicker was very successful in his position as business unit manager in the first half of the year. “My team is entering the year 2019 stronger and more confident. Nevertheless, we are still looking for new members in order to master the growth of 2019 and conquer further markets,” says Pössnicker. The main focus for 2019 is on the electronics and automotive sectors. Important locations will be Asia, Eastern Europe and France.


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