Cleanest dosing results with high viscosity pharmaceuticals

High-precision filling thanks to a programmable suck back

Where conventional filling technologies in the pharmaceutical industry reach their limits because of the fluid viscosity or a stringing effect, the Pharma Dispenser Series of ViscoTec offers an effective solution.

To achieve a precise dosing it is a basic requirement after each successfully filling of a packaging unit that the thread must tear off on a defined and clean manner. Such effect is mostly given with aqueous liquids – but for high-viscosity products, so called semisolids, just rarely. Many products like creams, gels and ointments pull long threads from the end of the dispensing needle to the particular packaging unit. Uncontrolled and unwanted dripping of low viscous product from dosing needles can occur with certain parameters (for example dosing needle with wide diameter, pressure release over the dosing needle between the dosing shots).

semisolid-pharma-abfuellen-webPharma Dispensers from ViscoTec, the dosing specialist from Töging in Germany, offer an easy and effective solution. After each dosing shot of the Pharma Dispenser, the path of the fluid is blocked thanks to the chambers inside the rotor-stator combination – dripping of the product is prevented. Therefore a valve inside the dosing needle or pump is not necessary. Thanks to the reversible direction of rotation a suck back can be adjusted after dosing. This function helps to obtain an absolutely clean cut of the thread. Volume, speed and acceleration can be individually set according to the requirement of the product. The thread is precisely cut – therefore very good and highly accurate dosing results are achieved. A further positive effect: After each filling, process edges of the packaging or parts of the filling machine won’t be soiled or contaminated with the product.

Convince yourself by watching the Pharma Dispenser in action.


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