Flexible dosing systems expand application fields

New Approaches – from clinical trials to production lines

In pharmaceutical development laboratories and even pharmacies, many different products are filled daily, from liquids and semi-solids to suspensions, for small batches or clinical trials. Due to the constantly changing composition in this phase and consequently the changing physical properties of the fluid, this often presents a problem in the selection of a suitable filling system. In the case of highly viscous materials or suspensions, conventional metering systems such as piston dispensers and peristaltic pumps quickly reach their limits, especially in the precise filling of small quantities. With a flexible dosing system such as the VPHD pharmaceutical dispenser from ViscoTec, liquids with different viscosities can be dosed with one device in a process-safe manner. The user needs to familiarize himself with one, and only one, dosing device which can be used for various applications, for example in the dosing of suppositories, gel-containing products, such as hyaluronic acid, abrasive media such as dental pastes or even sedimenting suspensions.

Due to the volumetric dosing technology based on the displacement of the fluid by the rotor-stator principle, a wide range of different liquids with different properties can be dosed in a process-safe manner: whether it be low-viscosity solvents, highly viscous gels, ointments or suspensions with solid particles. A further advantage of the dispenser is that the products are dosed without pulsation or shearing action. Therefore, sensitive pharmaceutical and biotechnological materials can also be filled safely and carefully. Due to the modular design of this series of dispensers, a wide range of volumes (0.2ml to 20ml) are easily covered. The simple and fast dismantling as well as the GMP-compliant hygienic design allows a quick cleaning of the dispenser. The wetted parts can be sterilized at 134°C in the autoclave.

After the successful development and trial of a product, the dispensers of the pharmaceutical series can easily be “scaled up” and integrated into existing or new production systems.

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