ViscoTec’s Hygienic Dispenser for cosmetics

The endless piston principle is committed to handling abrasive ingredients

Peelingpaste dosierenFilling and dosing in the cosmetics industry are subject to strict guidelines. In addition to the statutory and general marketplace standards, there are also those determined by the product itself. In this case these are gels with micro-particles that bring the processing process of some dosing systems to their limits.

Micro-particles, such as ground seeds of fruit stone or even clay or plastic particles, though very abrasive, but indispensable in body and exfoliating scrubs. Precisely this effect is desired by the consumer to remove superficial layers of skin. However, the handling of highly abrasive pastes is often difficult. Pumps and other processing equipment become damaged. Wear and tear of the systems increases – and so do the running costs. The abrasive particles also damage seals and elastomer components. Even metallic components are attacked over time. This all leads to leakage or inaccurate doses.

This no longer represents a problem for the dosing systems from ViscoTec. A dispenser has been specially developed for dosing smaller quantities in the cosmetic field, which meets both the hygiene standards as well as the requirements of the abrasive content.

Under the highest hygienic conditions, the ViscoTec Hygienic Dispenser (VHD) guarantees to perfectly dose highly viscose and challenging, abrasive liquids or pastes, as in this case, exfoliating pastes. Through the small and very precise dosing, custom products or even small batches can be processed.

In upholding this promise, the rotor and stator of the dosing pump play the most important role. Each client application has its specific requirements and characteristics. It is essential that the dosing system has a technically-correct design and the appropriate rotor / stator material is selected. Through years of expertise, technical analysis and tests, the optimal configuration has been found. Customers of ViscoTec GmbH can be sure that, for example the most appropriate elastomer, will be used to match the properties of their application.

The advantage of the endless piston technology is that in this dosing system, individual chambers or cavities are conveyed thanks to the rotor/stator system. There is no surface on the system which the abrasive particles can damage or wear out. Even highly abrasive materials, such as dental polishing pastes, spice extracts, hand washing pastes or indeed exfoliating products can be conveyed through the gentle pumping.

At regular intervals, a series of tests are carried out using various materials in order to determine the service life. Following a technical examination of the elastomeric material, an endurance test will be performed to check its resistance and its wear and tear. The product (for example, exfoliating or cleaning pastes) is pumped in a loop, i.e. at the discharge point of the dispenser the paste is redirected to the dispenser suction side to be dosed again. The dispenser runs at very high dosing speeds to simulate extreme conditions. In addition to the endurance test, further dosing tests are performed to check for accuracy and repeatability. After completion of these tests the individual dispenser components are examined and measured to determine the degree of wear. Following all these tests, even with the most demanding test parameters, no wear of the pump or of the individual components was detected whatsoever. Filling at it’s best.

With this new generation of dispenser, the VHD, ViscoTec has succeeded in transferring the proven endless piston principle of large pumping systems into modern and innovative dispensing systems, and has developed it further to take into account hygienic requirements. Likewise, the VHD can be easily integrated into fully automated production systems, facilitated by its low weight and compact size. The range of applications is huge: where existing filling technologies reach their limits, the ViscoTec technology principle achieves a quantum leap in the filling process.

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