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ViscoTec systems for hygienic dosing and filling applications

Hygiene – is the Sword of Damocles in the production of pharmaceuticals, food and cosmetics – also in filling applications. In these branches of industry both a germ-free production environment and a hygienic handling of the product play an important role. In the case of the smallest impurities, whole batches become unusable. This is why, when planning new production lines, it is important to pay special attention for a perfect layout of each individual stage in the process. In addition to designing systems specifically for the application, the specialists at ViscoTec GmbH, guarantee a comprehensive consultation on the implementation – whether in manual workstations in a laboratory or in fully automatic production processes.

Abfüllung von hochviskose Flüssigkeiten

Filling viscous products using ViscoTec dispensers

All ViscoTec systems are based on progressive cavity pump technology. A precise and pulsation-free flow of product is guaranteed thanks to this technology. The product is guided extremely gently through the special rotor-stator geometry. Even sheer-sensitive, filled and abrasive fluids and pastes prove to be no problem. The entire dosing and filling process benefits from these properties. The ViscoTec systems can already intervene when they are removed from their respective containers and use the appropriate collection systems to deliver the products directly to the bottlers or the precision dosing pumps. During dosing, a programmable retraction prevents dripping and stringing, thus ensuring a clean filling and application.

At this year’s Interpack, ViscoTec GmbH presented its dispenser series for particularly precise dosages and small filling quantities (up to 0.2 ml). The filling machines for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food applications are perfectly suited for the production and handling of sensitive products and are characterized by their cleaning properties.

In order to meet the high cleaning requirements in production – and therefor in filling applications – the dispensers can be dismantled without using tools. All components which are in contact with the product can be cleaned manually or in cleaning systems, as well as in ultrasonic baths. These components can be steam sterilized in autoclaves of up to 134°C. ViscoTec VHD dispensers have been specially optimized for automated cleaning without disassembling and are therefore fully CIP and SIP compatible. The exact combination of the influencing factors, such as chemistry, temperature, mechanics and time, makes cleaning a reproducible process.

However, the dispensers not only excel in their cleaning ability. The VPHD and the VHD series also impress when handling highly viscous products. Products up to 7,000,000 mPas can be processed, dosed and bottled. The ViscoTec systems can also be retrofitted to existing systems in order to ensure more process quality. All these properties make ViscoTec’s dispensers all-rounders in the process, which offers greater benefits for every production.

You can find further information about dosing and filling of food, pharma or cosmetics here: Applications.

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