Product presentation: Pharma Dispenser VPHD

ViscoTec presents the new pharma dispenser VPHD with endless-piston-principle for gentle dosing and filling of medical products.

Today, high-precision micro-doses are in micro and milli litre range and there are smallest volume flows requirements which are placed on pumps in the areas of medicine, biotechnology and analytical technology.

To better meet these requirements and still be able to take full advantage of the endless-piston principle, ViscoTec has developed the Pharma Dispenser.

So the pharmaceutically compliant design plays an important role. All metal surfaces are polished and have a surface roughness of Ra <0.8. This ensures security against microbiological deposits and easy cleaning of all contaminated surfaces. All non-metallic wetted parts are FDA compliant and approved for the pharmaceutical sector. Another feature of the pharmaceutical dispenser is a Inspection certificate 3.1 for all metallic parts.

With the previous pump types and sizes, the minimum level of the dosing amount was limited to about 2 ml. With this new development, we can now also cover the range up to 0.2 ml – with the usual dosing accuracy of ± 1% and the comfort of the valveless dosing.

Furthermore, the pharmaceutical dispensers are dead space optimized and have a seal chamber with Luer-lock connections and a seal package specially developed for the pharmaceutical industry.

The stainless steel drive is hygienic encapsulated, suitable for wet cleaning and is available in a one-cable solution.

The pharmaceutical dispenser can be completely disassembled and assembled without any tools in a few minutes. The wetted parts can be sterilized easily in an autoclave after cleaning. As pump outlet you can choose an end connection with PharmCom Clamp or a newly developed adapter for thread and seal-less admittance of different fill nozzles geomtries or one of a Luer adapter for standard filling needles.

Due to this new development ViscoTec offers the ideal system to dose filled media such as Microcapsules or bacterial suspensions in a secure and non-destructive and highly accurate process. Other possible applications include accurate filling of high-priced pharmaceuticals, use in two-component systems and even bead dosing etc. in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medicine or in the food industry.

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