Process stability with dosing technology by ViscoTec at BondExpo

At the BondExpo 2015 in Stuttgart ViscoTec Pumpen- u. Dosiertechnik GmbH shows product innovations for precision dosing. Focussing reliable process solutions ViscoTec – as a specialized provider of solutions for accurate dosing tasks – knows highly reproducable dosing processes within fully automatic industrial productions.

The latest developments for 1K and 2K dosing processes will be presented:

ViscoTec Produktneuheiten BondExpo 2015

ViscoTec presents its latest product developments on the BondExpo 2015.

ViscoDuo-P 4/4 – a new 2K dosing solution with an optimized installation space design: The product is highly specialized for a minimum of required space in automatic production lines and enables a compact system design of the dosing workstations. Dimensions of dosing cells in total and also the production surface can be reduced.

Further on the focus was placed on a weight-optimized product design for a reduced essential lifting capacity of robot- or axis-systems. The 2K dispenser is cascadable unlimited for the realization of manifold dosing systems by small distances in dosing heads. The modular structure of the ViscoDuo-P 4/4 allows individual system configuration and simplified maintenance.

High Pressure Dispenser: As second highlight ViscoTec presents the new high pressure dispenser. Due to a pointedly advancement of the high-performance dosing technology from now on a product can be used in a significant extended range of dosing pressure at constant dosing accuracy. The achievable pressure ranges reach a much higher level than values of previous eccentric-screw dispensers.

These innovations expand the well-established dosing solutions and processing options for a wide range of 1K / 2K adhesives and sealing materials.

ViscoTec manufactures dosing systems and dosing components for semi-automatic and fully automatic production lines and assembly processes. For most complicated tasks users can draw back to well-engineered solutions and receive all necessary components from a single source. Dosing processes are planned optimally and synchronized to the particular case of application by ViscoTec.

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