Stress test – for best taste

Perfect results for the hygienic filling of abrasive spice pastes

ViscoTec’s dosing pumps have already proven themselves in many areas of application. Particularly when it comes to the reliable and permanent dosing and filling of abrasive materials. After a challenging endurance test for the food industry, their wear resistance has been confirmed once again – this time with filling abrasive spice pastes.

filling abrasive spice pastes viscotec filling pumps for food

Perfect results for hygienic filling with ViscoTec VHD.

High demands on dosing components for filling abrasive spice pastes

Spice pastes, sauces or marinades – in liquid form or as paste-like preparations – often contain shredded ingredients. Such as herbs or vegetable pieces and even grains of salt. When mixed with the liquid product, these solid ingredients, the grains in particular, represent a special challenge for the hygienic filling process. The dosing components used must withstand high stress due to the abrasive or aggressive ingredients. The resulting friction on the wetted precision parts can lead to significant substance removal. And also consequently process uncertainties. Long work cycles in shift operation often result in less lifetime and shorter maintenance intervals.

Progressive cavity pump technology generates minimal shear

Viscotec’s endless piston principle is based on progressive cavity pump technology. It withstands the high demands of abrasive materials. The dispensing equipment manufacturer offers perfect solutions with only minimal wear. A concentration of the fillers is avoided – by the constant and pulsation-free conveying of the solids-laden liquids. Under low pressures, the fluid is only subjected to minimum shear.

This had to be proven once more: In a continuous running test at the manufacturer’s internal technical centre, the wear resistance of the stator material was tested in continual operation over the period of one week. The test medium was a spice paste in detail filled with herbs and grains of salt. The pasty liquid was fed to a dispenser 2VHD12-3D via a 600 ml cartridge. And afterwards fed back from the pump outlet via a hose. A potential emergency situation with missing product supply was also simulated for half a day. Due to the dry running of the rotor-stator geometry, this case represents a worst case scenario with maximum stress on the components.

The geometry of the stator was measured and evaluated before and after the continuous running test by the quality assurance department. There were no changes either optically or dimensionally. Therefore, the dosing pump qualified for this application. Even after intensifying the load by changing the number of revolutions, no signs of wear were visible. A highly satisfactory result in view of the extreme test conditions, including dry running.

The perfect technology for long service life

The ViscoTec dosing systems principle of endless piston technology can significantly increase the service life of the components: Due to continuous material optimization and many years of experience in the handling of abrasive and solids-laden fluids. Hygienic dosing of even the most difficult materials is possible! For filling abrasive spice pastes perfectly.

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