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  • 3D Druck von Silikonen

    3D printing of silicone components with ViscoTec print heads

    One of the most prestigious universities in the United States of America is concerned with the additive manufacture of moisture-curing silicones. In particular, a research group in Mechanical Engineering is faced with the challenge of creating individual gripper attachments made of silicone and, in this context, not to ignore certain requirements. Initial situation Especially in […]

  • ViscoTec_Revolutionary-Invention-of-Silicon-3D-Printing

    3D printing with ViscoTec – No. 1 Silikones, fluids and pastes

    3D-printing heads by ViscoTec for materials like silicone, UV- curing adhesive, 2 component adhesive as well used for organic cell solutions and pastes. The advantage against other printers is a unique combination of speed and accuracy (resolution). We can print at a layer thickness of 0,2 mm up to 1 ml/minute (depending on viscosity). Further […]