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  • ViscoTreat-Inline

    It takes your breath away…

    ViscoTec offers, with its ViscoTreat range, for example ViscoTreat-Inline, the optimum solution for batch filling and for continuous material processing. These are installed as a prior operation for dosing applications of low to high viscosity adhesives, thermal and solder pastes. In order to ensure accurate dosing results of highly filled materials, their preparation before use […]

  • ViscoTec Geschaeftsfeldleiter Christian Heidinger

    ViscoTec under new direction in the Business Unit Adhesives & Chemicals

    The Business Unit Adhesives & Chemicals is now under new management of Christian Heidinger. He leads the sales team and takes care of clients in diverse industries such as automotive, renewable energy, electronics, plastics etc. Christian Heidinger  ̶  employee of ViscoTec GmbH for nearly 10 years  ̶  has began his career as a technician for […]

  • Silikonraupe

    Processing of 2-component adhesives and sealants

    Industrial production processes become more and more demanding. The challenge is to combine growing production speed with flexibility and reasonable costings. In order to process 2-component adhesives and sealants under these aspects of material compatility, it requires the use of intelligent dosing systems. Read the full article here

  • ViscoTec_RD-EC-Dispenser

    Product Presentation: ViscoTec RD-EC Dispenser

    ViscoTec Dispenser Technology: Innovative precision dispensers for industrial applications ViscoTec dispensers of the RD series.. characterize dosing systems with a constant volumetric operating principle for an uninterrupted and highly precise dosing process by using of the endless piston technology. The dispensers guarantee a precise, consistent and reliable dosing performance for a wide range of liquids […]