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  • Stator-EPDM

    New: wear-resistant stator material

    The requirements for dosing systems are particularly high and nowhere more so than with regard to hygiene. The use of abrasive media often leads to increased mechanical wear on components. Some fluids even seem inadequate to be integrated into fully automatic production lines and to be filled with process reliability. This has motivated ViscoTec Pumpen- […]

  • gapfiller-abrasiv-raupenauftrag

    Dosing abrasive thermal paste in cyclic operation

    Abrasive thermal pastes are found in a range of applications. In the production of LEDs and circuit boards in the electronics industry and in the area of control systems in automotive applications – to name but a few examples. Through the regulation of thermal resistance, these pastes, referred to as gap fillers, ensure the heat […]

  • ViscoTec_Handwaschpaste

    Prozesssicheres Abfüllen von abrasiven Kosmetika

    Handwaschpasten mit  abrasiven Reib- und Schmirgelstoffen werden heutzutage in jedem Industrie- oder Handwerksbetrieb eingesetzt, um schwierige Verunreinigungen, z.B. Öl, Schmieren oder Klebstoffreste von den Händen zu entfernen. Diese Pasten enthalten Schmirgelpartikel und Reibstoffe, um Schmutz mechanisch abzureiben und zählen dabei zu den abrasivsten Flüssigkeiten im Kosmetikbereich. Die Abfüllung dieser Kosmetika in handelsübliche Verpackungsformen (z.B. Eimer, […]

  • Schlauchbeutelabfüllung abrasiver Medien

    Electrolube filled thermal pastes

    Electrolube manufactures electro-chemical materials for the electronics industry. These include thermal management products, compounds, coatings, lubricants and cleaning agents. With its expansive product range of formulated chemical products, Electrolube supplies manufacturers of electronic, industrial and domestic devices for a variety of industries, thus offering the ‘complete solution’ at all levels of production. Because Electrolube is […]

  • ViscoTec auf der PSECE Messe in Manila

    ViscoTec at PSECE Exhibition in Manila

    The PSECE, one of the world’s largest electronic trade shows, was held from June 4th to 6th, 2014, in Manila. In these surroundings, ViscoTec presented itself and the trade mark preeflow as a manufacturer of dosing and micro dispensing systems, which have proven to be successful in various manufacturing scenarios for the electronic industry. High-precision […]