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  • Silikonraupe

    Processing of 2-component adhesives and sealants

    Industrial production processes become more and more demanding. The challenge is to combine growing production speed with flexibility and reasonable costings. In order to process 2-component adhesives and sealants under these aspects of material compatility, it requires the use of intelligent dosing systems. Read the full article here

  • ViscoTec_RD-EC-Dispenser

    Product Presentation: ViscoTec RD-EC Dispenser

    ViscoTec Dispenser Technology: Innovative precision dispensers for industrial applications ViscoTec dispensers of the RD series.. characterize dosing systems with a constant volumetric operating principle for an uninterrupted and highly precise dosing process by using of the endless piston technology. The dispensers guarantee a precise, consistent and reliable dosing performance for a wide range of liquids […]