ViscoTec America Inc’s 10 Year Anniversary

A success story in the world of dosing technology

On the 10th of October this year ViscoTec America celebrates ten successful years of growth in the world of handling fluids and pastes with high precision dosing technology.

10 years of working with customers to provide them with excellent dispensing solutions, 24/7 service and outstanding support have resulted in ViscoTec America today looking at a solid base of customers in Canada, USA and Mexico in many different industries.

From the first year on the business was successful. Continually growing throughout the years ViscoTec America now has sales staff strategically positioned across North America, was able to establish a very active dealer in Mexico and just recently opened a branch office in California. Plans on how to continue this successful path for the next 10 years are continually made and implemented.

ViscoTec is headquartered in Bavaria – Germany. In the first 10 years ViscoTec was already able to sell 20,000 pumps and by 2015 this number had grown to 30,000 high precision dispensing pumps. Over the years, ViscoTec America Inc. in Georgia (2009), ViscoTec Asia Pte Ltd in Singapore (2011), ViscoTec Shanghai Ltd. in Shanghai (2013) and ViscoTec India Pvt. Ltd. (2017) were established. ViscoTec now employs more than 250 people worldwide. Growing expertise and experience over the last 20 years allowed them to successfully develop precision dispensing solutions for many specific markets such as food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, electronics, plastics, aerospace, automotive, medical technology and biotechnology. ViscoTec is now recognized by many industry leaders as the premier dispensing solutions for complicated applications and has made a name for itself to be able to constantly discover new fields of business such as e-mobility and 3D printing. Few people know that, for example, half of all smartphones worldwide are produced with the help of ViscoTec dispensers and in the future many aircraft parts will be manufactured with ViscoTec technology.

“Since its foundation in 2009 ViscoTec America has driven growth with great dedication. With perseverance, courageous decisions and competent employees we were able to become a distinguished partner for demanding dosing and dispensing applications in various industries.” says Georg Senftl, CEO of the German headquarter, describing the development of ViscoTec America. “Gerald Pfeiler, the CEO of our subsidiary in the USA, told me many years ago that he was convinced that America is an important market for ViscoTec – and he was 100 % correct!” Georg Senftl continued.

„In the 10 years, we have always been guided by a few principles: To act in the long term best interest of our customers, to always provide the best possible dispensing solutions and to provide better than excellent customer service.” Says Gerald Pfeiler. “I am looking forward to continue our success story together with my great team and to a bright and prosperous future for us at ViscoTec America!“

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