ViscoTec Christmas donation due to trainee activities

2500 Euros for Sternstunden e.V.

Managing Director Georg Senftl and the trainees of ViscoTec donate 2500 Euro to Sternstunden e.V.

Managing Director Georg Senftl, training officer Martina Häuslein (middle) and the trainees of ViscoTec donate 2500 Euro to Sternstunden e.V.

The first trainee Christmas campaign at ViscoTec was a great success. Natalie Püschel, trainee industrial clerk in her second year of training, explains exactly what the project was about and how it started.

What was your Christmas campaign and how did you get the idea?

Natalie: As part of my training, I worked for a few weeks in the marketing department. One of my tasks was to plan a Christmas campaign. Together with the other trainees, I thought about a campaign that was divided into two parts. Part one was a ticket sale in which the employees not only did good by selling the tickets but with a little luck they also had the chance to open a door of the ViscoTec Advent calendar. One week later, part two of the Christmas campaign took place. Five trainees baked a total of five cakes and muffins for the planned cake sale. We also asked our colleagues to help us. With more than 20 cakes we were able to offer a great cake buffet. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our cake bakers and all our cake buyers. With your help we could achieve a great donation amount of 1160 Euro! The managing directors doubled the amount and generously rounded it up to 2500 Euro.

Who will receive the money?

This year we decided to donate to Sternstunden e.V. For 25 years the organization has been helping sick, handicapped and needy children in Germany, but also worldwide. Over the years Sternstunden has been able to collect donations of over 235 million euros. We are proud that ViscoTec Pumpen- u. Dosiertechnik GmbH can also contribute and help children in need.

What did you like best about the Christmas campaign?

It was nice to be able to plan something for our colleagues in the pre-Christmas period and at the same time help children in need. Working together and baking cakes together brought us closer together and strengthened us as a team. It was great fun and we are happy that our colleagues enjoyed it and the campaign went down so well!

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