ViscoTec is investing in highly advanced measurement technology

ViscoTec, producer of high precise dosing technology, pleaded for the company`s location in Germany and invested more than a quarter of a Million Euros in a highly advanced measurement system.

The computer tomograph, similar as used as in medical technology, is used for having a precise look inside objects without destroying it. „In case of the advancement in miniaturization in industry and technology, also the dosing devices are getting smaller and smaller“ Martin Stadler, CTO of ViscoTec, says. „The smaller the components get, the more often general measurement methods reach their limits“.

Hundreds of x-ray pictures of the object are taken by a computer tomograph and are completed into a 3D geometry. Thus the interior is measured in its details without destroying or opening a part.

In case of high precise elastomers the non-contact measurement has an enormous advantage, because errors in measurements can be caused by the pressure of the measurement device itself. But also in development, for damage analysis or for quality control of electronic components a computer tomograph can be used.

„Now we can guarantee the best quality and functionality of our products and we are able to find the cause of damage in the fastest way. That’s a main benefit for our customers“, so Mr. Stadler.

This enables ViscoTec to support measurements and analyses for other companies in the region of Töging. Often smaller companies do not have such an equipment or cannot spent time on such procedures. But with just one measurement very often you can find reasons to optimize your product that you never could do without a CT measurement. If you are interested, please contact us.


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