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The office in Ho Chi Minh City belongs to ViscoTec Asia in Singapore. It is to expand the brand ViscoTec and also preeflow in Vietnam. And to bring precise and reliable dispensing solutions to various industries like electronics manufacturing, medical technology, e-mobility and many others. With a local office the distances become shorter and solutions for special applications can be found faster.

Bien Do, ViscoTec Asia in Vietnam

Bien Do, ViscoTec Asia in Vietnam

Bien Do is responsible for the customers in Vietnam. She is an expert in dispensing equipment and industrial adhesives for electronics industry and medical devices since almost 5 years now. Since March 2019 she has been working for ViscoTec and provides its customers support for demanding and challenging dispensing processes with the reliable ViscoTec progressive cavity pump technology. Whether the Vietnamese customers need to dispense dots or beads, do potting or filling of fluids and pastes – ViscoTec systems are perfectly suitable for 1 or 2 component materials. Offering solutions from dispensing, emptying materials from a variety of containers, to treating the material such as degassing and agitation. Bien Do can be reached by email: or by phone: +84 915 51 2211 Bien Do answers a few questions about ViscoTec dispensing technology and suitable applications in Vietnam:

  1. In which branches is 1 & 2 component adhesive dispensing popular in Vietnam? Bien Do: Depending on bonding factors and special features of each process, there are many types of adhesive providing suitable bonding solution. In nearly every industry sector. Our complete and reliable range of products makes us unlikely to turn away from any requirement of our customers…
  1. What are the challenges on the Vietnamese market? Bien Do: In Vietnam the labour cost is still at a low price. Manufacturers consider investing for automatic systems but at the same time the costs of machine might be the biggest factor affecting their decision making.
  1. Why should customers in Vietnam choose ViscoTec? Bien Do: ViscoTec’s endless piston technology is still new in Vietnam market. That’s a chance for us to promote our products and services, we can solve customers’ current issue by our dispensing solution. We can guarantee >99 % repeatability and dosing precision of +/-1 % deviation, where the existing dispensers in market could not satisfy the high expectation from customers. With our presence in Vietnam, we also want to send a clear message to our customers that we are here to support and grow our footprint in Vietnam. At the end, the users of our products will benefit with better support and service.
  1. Can you describe an application you did in 2019? Bien Do: We have one project which requires spraying fragrance on the top of a Feminine Hygiene Product. The parts are running in a reel form underneath the stationery eco-SPRAY, speed of the reel is over 1,500 parts per minute. The customer wants to apply a small amount (<1.6 mg) of fragrance material in each product. The material feeding is by using gravity feed from a vessel suspended approximately 2.5 meters above the floor level. The current method could not dispense such a small volume in each part and had poor repeatability. After the actual test, we could achieve the accuracy and consistency of their required volume in each product model. And finally, the customer decided to purchase our eco-SPRAY dispenser to set up in their line.
  1. And which solutions does ViscoTec offer in Vietnam? Bien Do: We are promoting our complete product range in Vietnam – from dispensing to emptying and treating viscous fluids and pastes. And both, ViscoTec and preeflow products. Now that we are closer to the users, we are also able to understand the needs and requirements better and we can better find a solution to solve the problem. Our specialty: Reliable products, Reliable service.
  1. Which materials can ViscoTec handle best? Bien Do: But I like to refer to one application where we need to accurately dispense a thermal paste of 600,000 cps. With its high viscosity and abrasiveness, our dispenser was tested and proven to be longer lasting and the dosing tests showed highest repeatability compared to other dispensing equipment.

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