ViscoTec 30,000th filling pump in operation at Bayer

ViscoTec products impress worldwide in pharmaceutical and biotechnical sector

Thanks to its extensive range of services, professional consulting and high-quality, technologically advanced products, ViscoTec convinces in various application sectors. At the end of 2015 there was an extra reason to celebrate: the dosing machine specialist has sold the 30,000th pump from its portfolio! This pump refers to the Pharma Dispenser, more precisely a 3VPHD8, with a dosing volume of 0.35 ml per revolution, and is particularly suitable for high precision filling of small amounts – independently from viscosity. Due to the high requirements of process safety, repeatability, precision and cleanability in the medical, biotechnical and pharmaceutical sectors the filling pumps were developed inclusive an hygienic encapsulated servo drive and control unit.

ViscoTec Pharma Dispenser 3VPHD8 mit Motor

In the first stage, the 30,000th Dispenser will be integrated in a machine unit from Amplius GmbH, a special system integrator for labor automation and will finally be delivered to a production line from Bayer CropScience. The Bayer CropScience AG is an independent subgroup from Bayer AG and is based in Monheim am Rhein. Within Bayer CropScience, the dosing pump 3VPHD8 finds its application in biotechnology, where a high precise dosing of a highly viscous product in very small quantities is required – a predestined ViscoTec application. Next to a low shearing and pulsation free conveying of the product, the ViscoTec dosing pump fulfills all current guidelines and regulations of the pharma industry; from 3.1 factory certificates through EHEDG-design to FDA-conform elastomers. The profile is rounded off with a dosing accuracy of over 99% and thus without valves.

ViscoTec offers with its Pharma Dispenser the ideal dosing unit to very smoothly fill and high precisely dose pharmaceutical products, independently of their viscosity. Process safety filling of syringes from low to highly viscous ointments as well as dosing of abrasive pastes and creams are typical ViscoTec applications.

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