Precise dispensing of abrasive materials at the manual workstation with the preeflow eco-PEN.

With the introduction of a new product by B.B.W. Bayrische Bohrerwerke GmbH in Büchlberg in 2012, the requirements for dispensing solder paste increased. A compact application that delivers constant, precise and reproducible results with highly filled solder paste was required. This is where the preeflow eco-PEN came into play. The high viscosity of 105,000-115,000 mPas and a solids content of 88% by weight pose a challenge for many a dispensing system when handling solder paste ─ but not for the eco-PEN.

Applying abrasive pastes with the preeflow eco-PEN
Solder paste application with the preeflow eco-PEN

The micro dispenser from preeflow prevailed over a simple time-pressure system at the manual workstation in Büchlberg, due to its fast dispensing and perfect accuracy as well as reproducibility. The viscosity-independent dosing of the eco-PEN ensured consistent results and the uncomplicated, handy handling made the eco-PEN the perfect solution. In contrast to the eco-PEN, a spindle valve was also not convincing. Very high demands on the accuracy of the system and the abrasiveness of the solder paste pushed the spindle valve to its limits, resulting in unsatisfactory results. Only the eco-PEN dispensed the highly viscous, abrasive solder paste outstandingly. Low-shear, process-safe and additionally resource-saving, the eco-PEN defies the wear-favoring effect of the solids-laden pastes.

Since the introduction of preefow’s micro dispensers, several eco-PEN450s have been dispensing in 3-shift operation at B.B.W. Bayrischen Bohrerwerke GmbH without complications and without stator replacement. Due to the batch size, dosing is currently done by hand, but with increasing quantities, it would be possible to switch to semi- or fully-automatic production without any problems. The service intervals of the system are also very short. After a shutdown lasting several days, metering can be easily continued by providing sufficient protection for the material outlet. The average grain size of 25 µm accounts for about 40% of the copper-manganese-nickel solder paste and is dispensed with virtually no abrasion. In summary, B.B.W. Bayrischen Bohrerwerke GmbH has been using a reliable, resource-saving eco-PEN system for more than 3 years, which is used every day without any signs of wear.

Benefits and advantages:

  • Handy & uncomplicated use
  • Durable system with minimal wear
  • Process-safe & resource-saving
  • Simple & intuitive operation
  • Price-performance ratio very attractive
  • Integration into automated process uncomplicated possible
  • Processing of highly abrasive pastes