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Additive Manufacturing with Silicone: Multi-Material Components

Extrusion-based additive manufacturing using silicones is progressing and advancing at a tremendous rate. An interesting new approach is to combine different materials in order to produce different component properties.
The technical challenge of this is integrating several printheads into the additive manufacturing technology, which can be done in different ways.

System configuration for filling serum separator gel into blood collection tubes for Vacutainer

Why accurate laboratory results depend on the dosing technique

No other substance symbolizes life as much as blood. This explains why blood tests, in addition to a physical medical history, are important tools in the day-to-day work in clinics and practices. These can be routine blood samples or specific ones with which particular diseases can be narrowed down more closely based on the individual blood components. This can also be used to check whether medicines are having the desired effect. In everyday medical practice, a distinction is made between arterial, venous and capillary blood sampling.

Clearly visible fat and protein strand at the dosing head

ViscoTec is strategic partner at Redefine Meat

For many years, engineers and gourmets around the globe have been trying to copy real steak so that the non-animal version would not differ from the original. Tofu bolognese: No problem. Burger patties: They too are now tasty and are increasingly being grilled by meat lovers. But far from it: When it comes to the king of steaks – or rather the optimal process for it – quite a few fail. They are either too firm, too soft, too little texture, unattractive; the list goes on and on, and especially with steak, taste is not everything.

ViscoTec potting solution for Fichter-Maschinen

Clean Potting is the Key – Manual and Serial

Performance is not always the only focus in production – it is not uncommon for more flexibility to be added. The machine manufacturer Fichter-Maschinen, for example, was looking for a one component and two component dosing solution for a newly developed application with which, for example, potting compounds can be dispensed both manually and automatically.

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