Abrasive Fluids

Perfectly dosed with progressive cavity pumps

Various factors must be considered when it comes to the selection of the perfect dosing technology – especially when handling abrasive pastes. High precision and repeatability can only be guaranteed with perfectly matched components. ViscoTec uses the endless piston principle based on progressive cavity pump technology in all its dosing applications. Progressive cavity pumps are not just suited for dosing viscous and solid containing products. Also for extremely abrasive and aggressive fluids as well. They belong to the group of rotating displacement pumps.

This type of rotary positive displacement pumps feeds the material in a self-contained cavity. The combination of a rotor made of hardened stainless steel and a soft elastomer stator can, for instance, dose and promote highly filled materials gently. The sealing line between the rotor and the elastomeric stator produces minimal shear on the fluids and pastes and at the same time ensures a seal effect without using valves. Due to this abrasive material – even with particles of high grain hardness – can be dosed without increased wear, volumetrically accurate on any component.

Progressive cavity pump technology for highly abrasive fluids

Dispensing of abrasive solder paste

In spite of the high abrasiveness of many gap fillers, soldering pastes, flux agents and thermal pastes ViscoTec dispensers meter with particularly low shear and high accuracy for micro doses beginning at 1 µl. Thanks to the endless piston principle. Many applications are located in the automotive industry, the aerospace industry, the electronic industry and in the renewable energy sector – with an increasing trend.

The key component of the rotating displacement pump is the characteristic rotor/stator geometry. As premium provider in this field ViscoTec constantly works on ways to reduce wear for dosing processes significantly. Knowing the impacts of abrasive products on the wear, ViscoTec is able to design rotor and stator materials customized and specific to the particular application. High process expertise combined with optimized wear properties lead to long lifetime and unique performance of the dosing pump– also for highly filled and abrasive fluids.


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Process reliability in filling abrasive hand wash paste

Dispensing of abrasive hand wash pasteHand wash pastes contain lubricating gel and friction particles to mechanically remove dirt from the skin and they are considered to be the most abrasive liquids in the cosmetics sector. The dosing system faces a challenge to fill this fluid into standard packaging (such as buckets, tubes or bags): The filling process incurs high-maintenance costs and downtime due to the above-average wear caused by the abrasiveness of the liquid. With its endless piston principle, ViscoTec offers a technology that allows the paste to be filled with virtually any wear and tear: The paste is volumetrically conveyed by the rotor and stator geometry, thereby avoiding high pressure build up, concentration of solid particles and shearing of the fluid.

The conveying principle therefore counteracts the factors influencing the so-called abrasive wear. ViscoTec’s endless piston principle, with its minimal-wear dosage of abrasive media and cosmetics, is clearly the right choice. A significant increase in effectiveness of the filling process for the pastes can be achieved, with a decrease in costs and maintenance down time.

Filled thermal pastes reliably applied

Dispensing of abrasive thermal conductive pasteThe application of thermal paste and the dissipation of heat from sensitive components are crucial for the functionality of the component, particularly in the manufacture of electronics. The thermal conductivity of the products can be ensured through the high amounts of filler. ViscoTec dosing systems meet the high demands of the dosing of such complex materials. Thermally conductive pastes are extremely versatile. As a non-curing system they can be applied using a variety of methods and therefore are suitable for a wide range of applications, including both small and large surface areas. For small surface areas, the paste can be applied accurately using dosing equipment. Ideally, a thin, uniform layer of paste is dispensed between two contact surfaces.

Customer quote mrs Bridges from Electrolube: „ViscoTec is clearly focused at dispensing solutions and offer a wide range of equipment suitable for dispensing thermal management products as well as other materials. Having worked with ViscoTec on a number of projects, collaboration has always been key to our success.”

Checklist for dosing technology procurement:

  • Which particular characteristics does this fluid have?
  • In which containers is the material to be delivered?
  • Is the material to be applied ready to be processed and/or dosed or does it require preparation?
  • Do preliminary tests in the laboratory need to be carried out due to high technical requirements?
  • Have all mechanical details been clarified? (Hose lengths, connectors, adapters, mountings)
  • Have all electrical details been clarified? (Signal exchange, electrical connections, interfaces)
  • Has sufficient attention been given to all criteria for the dosing of abrasive materials?
  • Find your perfect solution for abrasive fluids with ViscoTec!

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