Kick-off event of the “Töging wills wissen” series at ViscoTec.

The knowledge event for kids from 8 to 12 years of age, which was initiated by Töging’s city councilor Daniel Blaschke in his role as advisor for youth, associations and volunteer work, was very well received right from the start. Topic # 1 “How does chocolate get into the cookie?” was fully booked within a very short time. The kick-off event took place at ViscoTec in Töging. The dosing technology specialist was very pleased with Daniel Blaschke’s request to participate: “We are delighted how many little people from Töging are interested in our work! Many people do not even know that very interesting things are happening in Töging’s companies. And in 10 years, one or the other child might even be a ViscoTec employee” says Georg Senftl, Managing Director at ViscoTec.

On 22 January at 3 pm 26 pupils from Töging aged 8 to 12 years gathered at the entrance to the main site in Amperstrasse. After a short welcome by Daniel Blaschke and Georg Senftl, the children were guided through the assembly halls at ViscoTec to the preeflow technical center. Where otherwise dosing tests for well-known companies with a wide variety of adhesives, solder pastes or silicones take place, the children were allowed to create their own chocolate cookie filling on this day.

"Töging wills wissen" at ViscoTec
Dosing the chocolate sauce on the cookie
Adjusting the chocolate sauce
ViscoTec Manufacturing
Chocolate dosing
ViscoTec construction
ViscoTec Technical Center
Children at the company tour

On a tablet each child was able to adjust precisely whether they wanted more dark or more white chocolate on their biscuit or a homogeneous mixture of both. Depending on their taste, a wide variety of patterns came out. A 2-component dispenser from ViscoTec’s own brand preeflow was used for dosing. The two chocolate sauces are fed into the dispenser in small cartridges, and depending on the mixing ratio set, a lighter or darker chocolate mixture is produced at the bottom. All children were very satisfied with their creations. The cookies were delicious! In addition to the chocolate dosing, the children learned exciting facts about the history of dosing technology, about 3D printing with liquids and were given a guided tour of the entire ViscoTec company building. Finally, each child was allowed to take home a small souvenir gift. To find out where the following events of the “Töging wills wissen” series will take place, please contact the town of Töging am Inn.