preeflow® brand becomes a pilot project for all ViscoTec brands 

As a brand of the ViscoTec company, preeflow® has developed very well over the past decade; with the demand for technologies for precise, purely volumetric dispensing of liquids in small and very small quantities growing. Now those responsible at preeflow® have switched completely to sustainable packaging. The successful pilot project serves as a model on the basis of which all other ViscoTec brands will soon follow suit.

New standard: Sustainable and secure outer cartons for all preeflow® products

If you want to see the results of the preeflow® efforts at ViscoTec, you do not have to look far: There are currently around 20,000 sustainably produced outer cartons in the warehouse. Manufactured by a regional partner from Bavaria, they will protect sensitive dispensing technologies such as the eco-PEN or eco-DUO in the future. There are also new cardboard boxes for control units and evaluation devices that meet the sustainability criteria.

Thomas Schmid, Business Unit Manager of preeflow® reports that packaging used to be less of an issue. It was important that the products reached the customer undamaged and nothing more.

With the increase in product standardization, it became increasingly clear that the time for introducing sustainable and “one size fits all” packaging materials could not be more appropriate.

At preeflow® it was decided to bring regional packaging experts on board. Although the creative idea pitch was interrupted by the COVID pandemic, it was then quickly achieved. The result is two cardboard variants that can accommodate a total of ten types of preeflow® dispensers using a wide variety of inlays. The entire material is made of recycled corrugated board. The inlays are folded and punched depending on the type of dispenser. The same applies to the outer cartons for the control unit. For this, the packaging experts created a variant that is designed to accommodate three different types of control. Based on these examples, ViscoTec can now follow suit. Particularly for products used in regulated areas, it is important to design sustainable packaging that meets the strict hygiene guidelines: Abrasion from cartons or other foreign particles in the sensitive dispensers must be avoided in the pharmaceutical industry or medical technology. This could be achieved, for example, by using recycled foams. Whether Puredyne® or flowplus® – the knowledge gained from the conversion process will in any case be another building block for the extensive sustainability agenda. For years, ViscoTec has been following this agenda to promote a more conscious approach to the environment, resources, employees, and business partners.