10 Years of ViscoTec Asia in the world of dispensing technology.

On the 7th of February 2021 ViscoTec Asia celebrates ten successful years of growth in the world of handling fluids and pastes with high precision dosing technology. Ten years of working with customers to provide them with excellent dispensing solutions, 24/7 service and outstanding support have resulted in ViscoTec Asia today looking at a solid base of customers in Singapore, Vietnam, Australia, Pakistan, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, in Indonesia, and Sri Lanka in many different industries.

ViscoTec Asia Team

Trying to connect with the potential customers was the main challenge at the beginning: “It is not difficult to identify potential companies in this region who will need our solutions but getting to know the relevant person in charge for processes to our products was a big challenge.”, Melvyn Teo, the managing director of ViscoTec Asia, remembers. “We have learned from this and bring detailed information about our brand and portfolio to every meeting. In addition to videos, it is primarily live demos that help us to explain our technology particularly clearly.”, he continues.

Due to combining good products, know-how and customer-oriented service, the market relates ViscoTec Asia as a reputable and reliable dispensing solution partner. The team’s attitude is: “If there is a dispensing application which can be technically fulfilled by another system, then there is no reason why ViscoTec cannot do it better.”

A huge area is covered

The area covered from Singapore is huge: The entire South East Asia, Australia, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan. ViscoTec decided to start with a branch office from Singapore in February 2011 because the country has one of the busiest airports and excellent connectivity to almost every country. Whenever the dosing experts are needed, they find a suitable flight to be on site promptly and support the customers.

Ms. Bien Do, Country Sales Manager in Vietnam

In addition to the branch office, a representative office in Vietnam was opened during the year of 2018. The office is in Ho Chi Minh City and headed by Bien Do as country sales manager. Before opening the office ViscoTec has already been actively promoted in the Vietnam market from the Singapore office. If forecasts are to be believed, Vietnam is set for major growth in the industrial manufacturing sector in the coming years. With the local office, ViscoTec Asia is perfectly positioned to provide the best service and support to customers.

Two more sales offices outside Singapore and Vietnam are planned for the next two to three years.

Success with preeflow and ViscoTec dispensers + complete dosing solutions

ViscoTec Asia sells dispensers in various branches. They provide preeflow dispensers as well as ViscoTec dosing pumps and offer service in the complete process: From trials, to site support, installation, troubleshooting, maintenance, system upgrades, customized design and local fabrication of accessories and parts.

There are very successful applications in renewable energies and consumer electronics, for example. These applications were also the main portion of the growth in the past 10 years. Franz Kamhuber, Director Sales at ViscoTec, about ViscoTec Asia: “With the dispensers for very small quantities of our own brand preeflow, ViscoTec combines compact design and high product quality to meet the dispensing requirements of the electronics industry. Our proven products and our competent and motivated team at ViscoTec Asia make the perfect mix to be a reliable partner for demanding dispensing applications for our Asian customers.”

“One of our greatest strength is our “can-do” attitude. We remain open to new challenges because dosing technology is a fast-evolving market and only with the willingness to accept new ideas and tasks, we can learn, constantly improve and meet the requirements of our customers.” Melvyn Teo says.

About ViscoTec in general

ViscoTec is headquartered in Bavaria / Germany. Since the foundation of the company in 1997, until 2020 40,000 high precision dispensing pumps could be sold – including the brand preeflow even 105,000 pumps and dispensers. Over the years, ViscoTec America Inc. in Georgia (2009), ViscoTec Asia Pte Ltd in Singapore (2011), ViscoTec Shanghai Ltd. in Shanghai (2013), ViscoTec India Pvt. Ltd. (2017) and ViscoTec France SASU (2019) were established. ViscoTec now employs more than 260 people worldwide. Growing expertise and experience over the last 20 years allowed them to successfully develop precision dispensing solutions for many specific markets such as food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, electronics, plastics, aerospace, automotive, medical technology, and biotechnology. ViscoTec is now recognized by many industry leaders as the premier dispensing solutions for complicated applications.