How to fill chemically aggressive nail gels without tearing them off 

Filling nail gel is one of the more complex applications due to the viscosity of the material. Nail gel is a chemically aggressive, UV-reactive modeling material that only hardens with the aid of UV light. With the vipura-PUMP 10T, ViscoTec has now developed a dosing technology that does equal justice to the high viscosity and the enormously stringy behavior of nail gels.
vipura-PUMP 10T

Contract manufacturers and machine builders who operate or develop systems for filling nail gels benefit several times over from this tear-free and therefore clean dosing into the bottles, which usually hold 50 to 100 ml. This makes the vipura-PUMP 10T a dosing technology that enables cosmetics companies and contract manufacturers to produce more economically and more cleanly.

The vipura-PUMP 10T is compact and follows hygienic design guidelines. The pump can be relatively easily and quickly integrated into existing processes which also makes it the ideal dosing technology for the food sector and pharmaceutical production. Compared to exisiting pumps, the vipura-PUMP 10T, with its height of just under 600 mm and 217 x 170 in footprint, is significantly more compact and therefore also lighter, which, among other things, also promotes short cycle times. Its ability to volumetrically fill low and high-viscosity materials alike and even to non-destructively dose materials containing solids with a diameter of up to 20 mm makes the vipura-PUMP 10T a pump for the present – and the future. This is also underlined by the demonstrably long service lives – despite the use of abrasive and shear-sensitive materials. The vipura-PUMP 10T is made of stainless steel and uses FDA-compliant elastomers. All wetted components are autoclavable. On request, the vipura-PUMP 10T can be equipped with an optional rinsing connection for CIP.