ViscoTec Pharma Dispensers impress during application

ViscoTec Pharma Dispensers enable highly accurate dosing of various pharmaceutics with a high degree of process reliability – ranging from low to high viscosity, with minimal product loss.

In order to raise the levels of safety and effectiveness of pharmaceuticals in clinical studies, the pharmaceuticals must be delivered under GMP conditions. This prevents cross contamination and the ingress of other impurities, thus ensuring meaningful results. In a “Pharmavize” project, implemented by ViscoTec Pumpen- u. Dosiertechnik GmbH, the Pharma Dispensers convinced with minimized product loss due to high precision dosing results and excellent repeatability. “Pharmavize” is a specialist in pharmaceutical development services, and provides support to its customers all the way from the preclinical phases to the follow up once products have been approved.

Pharma Dispenser

The task for ViscoTec was to ensure the delivery of high viscosity gel with a high degree of process reliability from 10 kg batch sizes into 30 g tubes. This delivery process is achieved through a semiautomatic dosing system with Pharma Dispensers from ViscoTec. The gel is supplied to the Pharma Dispenser via prefilled cartridges. The tube is fitted to the luer lock adapter of the dispenser and the automatic dosing is started via a start button. After filling, a sealing device is used to seal the tube.

Filling accuracies of >99 % were achieved when the dispenser was used on site. The adjustable suckback of the ViscoTec Pharma Dispenser ensures that the filler neck of the tube remains clean.

The modular nature of the dosing system will allow “Pharmavize” to adapt quickly and flexibly to various requirements in future projects and for a range of container types (syringes, vials, carpules, etc.), regardless of the viscosity (liquid suspensions to highly viscous ointments or pastes) of the pharmaceutical or biotechnological product. Even abrasive media and media containing solids can be dosed with a high degree of process security and a low level of shearing. The ViscoTec dosing modules can be quickly assembled, delivered and installed according to customer requirements.

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